4WD + slippery thongs = Camry crush

The intrepid travellers sailed into the mist of Lake Taupo on the ‘Cruisecat’. The boat being chosen by the usual process… Colin asked his ‘multiple choice’ questions in his quiz compare voice, while we attempt to guess what he has already decided.

COL: Do you want to go on:

A) The Cruisecat

B) The replica Steamboat

C) The sailing boat called ‘The Barbara’

DAD: (with his pre-recorded response) ‘I don’t mind’

COL:’Are you sure you are happy with your answer?’ (asked 20 times).

Somehow we ended up on the Cruisecat.

Unfortunately it was too misty to see the snow capped mountains but we enjoyed seeing the huge carvings on the rocks and feeling the serenity of the cruise. The free coffees and muffins were a hit which can’t be overlooked either.

Dad and Col then visited the museum while I got my priorities in order and took some time for retail therapy.

We were back at the resort only a short time, when, a young chap decided to plough into our rental car with his 4WD (while we were innocently parked in the resort car park). It seems his thongs were slippery and he missed the brake and hit the accelerator instead. He mounted the curb and into the car, leaving quite a substantial dent and the panel pushed into the wheel. Col and Dad worked hard to pull it off the wheel temporarily. I was too busy being photographer to help but they seemed to have it all in control. The 4WD, by the way, had a mark the size of a 5 cent piece. Monster. The ‘young chap’ was driving his fathers car and he copped a serving from him over the phone and returned looking quite red faced. He originally gave us his fathers name as the driver… interesting.

Then, after an attempt to assist two women of a mature age, to fix their oven so their tea could cook… we succumbed to comfort food and had ‘fush and chups’, beer and wine. All we need now is chocolate and life will be complete.


  1. Glad to hear you got a little shopping time in without the boys Jen.
    OMG the car looks bad, hope you took the comprehensive option. I never do, but seeing this might scare me into it for next time I travel.
    Those carvings are very impressive! how did they do that?
    Love to all and tell Dad I’m VERY happy to learn that he is keeping a journal after all (and tell him, spelling and grammar don’t count when you’re on holidays – haha).


  2. How much fun are you all having! The Singapore Noodles gave me a good belly laugh. Can’t wait to read the journal and see the pics-very jealous!


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