Taupo days 1 and 2

Col went to get the car in Auckland while Dad and I went into the ‘Groovy music shop’. We then began our 4 hour journey to Taupo, with a stop at Huntly for delicious pies and cakes.

Tom Tom lived up to his reputation and took us on a journey down ‘old Taupo road’ (what was wrong the the ‘new’ one?). It was slow but scenic, which is the usual outcome when the GPS takes us ‘off road’ and not always a bad thing.

Our arrival at Taupo was met with surprise as we hadn’t expected the town to be so large. There are beaut shops… including ‘Clints warehouse’ and Dick Smiths. Those who know Dad will understand the joy of that!

Our accommodation is really lovely and faces Lake Taupo, which is the largest body of water in Oceana. Evidentially, you could put Singapore in the lake and there would still be room. I’m not sure why you’d do that but it would make the trip to buy Singapore noodles quicker I guess. It’s walking distance to restaurants and shops with a driving range onto a pontoon in the lake out the front.

The following day the intrepid travellers went touring on a boat to see the Haku falls and the dam opening. This was quite spectacular, with the boat hovering around the base of the falls as best it could.

A sitcom could be made of our days… with many funny conversations and situations forentertainment. Here is one from breakfast time this morning.

COL: It was great that I got up so early, I got a free newspaper from reception.

ME: It’s yesterdays newspaper Col.

I will leave you with that for today!


  1. Taupo looks gorgeous. What a view you have!
    I keep getting all teary every time I see pics of Dad in NZ though. (I’m such a sook) I’m so happy for him and he looks really happy too.
    I bet Col was really grateful for yesterdays news too! haha
    have fun xx


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