Us Cornwallians

The GPS has been invaluable, but sometimes Tom (Tom) has led us up some hairy paths, especially in Cornwall. One time, the road was so narrow that the grass growing out the stone walls at the sides was touching either side of the car at once… on a two way road. I have video footage of this so watch this space!

IMG_2082I was excited to find my maternal grandmothers house where she was born, in Camborne (63 North Pde). Her father worked in the tin mines and she attended the Salvos church nearby.  I managed to get photos of both of these also. This Grandmother died 30 years ago at the age of 81. She had her children late and was a strong woman, a pioneer in all things. She made a mean pastry, in true Cornish style!

IMG_2091My paternal Grandmother is now 94 years old. Her mother was from Redruth, which is next to Camborne. The two Grandmothers were good friends, despite their age differences, because of the Cornish link. So we explored Redruth, but didn’t find any real traces of my Cornish blood there! The towns are both mining towns and have merged together.

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