YouTube creations I made this weekend!

This one is just a collage of photos of my Dad when he was young. His album of childhood pics have been missing for a few years now so he was glad to get hold of some pics recently and gave them to me to scan. I have added some I scanned years ago to the collection and put them onto a movie …….. all they need is a narrative (hint hint Dad!!).

The photo on the clip (as seen below) has his favorite teacher in it…. Miss Something or other (sorry for not listening Dad!), who he claims encouraged his love for music by shouting him a ticket to see ‘Fantasia’ at the movies. Most of the photos are taken around Coburg and Brunswick.

This is my favorite because it is about our family at Newmerella in 1973. Newmerella is 3k Melbourne side of Orbost where we owned the General store and Petrol station which was open every day of the year. We lived behind the business, so it was quite a huge job to keep it running and all of us were involved.

The backing audio is a tape we made for our Grandmother at Christmas. It is a bit ‘noisy’ because when I tried to remove the noise it became ‘echoey’, so I figured it is probably better off like it is.

The clip is a bit of a tear jerker for us as Mum died 14 years ago at the age of 54. Hearing her voice on the tape was a bit hard, but now that I have heard it 900 times (that’s what happens when you make a movie!!!!) I hardly feel a thing. I am officially HARD of heart! Well….. when it comes to this movie I am LOL.

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