The mongrel?

Our dog, Marley, has that Terrier in him which instinctively causes him to do things which other dogs wouldn’t dream of. Somehow, he has managed to tear the ligaments in his knee and for the past week he has been walking on 3 legs. He is in no pain but is meant to be kept quiet (!!!).

For the first few days he made the most of Sophie’s sympathy and pity and tolerated her ‘mothering’ him. Now, however, he is managing to charge around like a mad thing on 3 legs. You can’t even begin to imagine how fast he can move.

Colin has always adored him and given him more privelages than a dog should have….. but now that he needs a $1,000 operation (which is only 50% likely to work), Colin is referring to him as ‘the mongrel’.

One comment

  1. Another thing Thelma & Louise have in common! Sooty just tore a cruciate ligament and needs surgery too – and he wasn’t playing footy! Thanks to “big sister” Molly who bounced on him and caused the injury!


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