‘Elindil’s Secret’ pick up shoots

Its looking like after a ‘rest’ (pre-Christmas and going on a wild trip to Egypt in a tour group was a rest?) we are starting filming again to pick up those shots we missed last year.

I have to admit………. even though last year was totally exhausting, I am missing the bonds I formed with the crew and the team spirit. I am sure all the boring parts will all come rushing back to me though lol! At least this year I am not studying……. just working FT. Who needs weekends, they are over rated.
You can track the movie on this link: Elindil’s secret

Here is a little ‘behind the scenes’ shot (from early days) of a wardrobe measure up day at my place http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEDPOn6G3Ac&feature=user 


Speaking of movies, I purchased a really groovy full HD Panasonic HDCSD5 video camera to film at Egypt. Then I realised my PC wouldn’t cut it when it comes to editing so I bought an iMac. Hmmmmm its a gorgeous piece of technology. It has taken years of nagging (from my computer nurd friends and collegues) to finally take the plunge into the Mac world. The trouble is that so far it is incompatible with the camera. Aaaaagh! The camera’s advanced technology seems to have left Mac behind. I have read lots of discussion about it on the Web (about my actual camera) to no avail. AND Final Cut Express (Apple editing software) doesn’t recognise the file type from my camera (yet?).

I think my little movie could be a long time coming at this rate. The re-union with the Egypt tour group which I promised might be in the year 2025. By then we will have forgotten we went to Egypt (dementia will have set in for sure).

Haven’t broken the news to Col yet. Shhhhhhh!!!!!! He just doesn’t understand technology, especially computers.

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