Feeling blue



What a weekend that was. A marathon!Why is filming in a garage (on blue screen) more tiring than going to locations? We started 7am on Saturday morning setting up the screens in John and Rachels carport. Filming didn’t start until midday so we were 4 hours late starting and didn’t finish up until 9pm. On location we have to finish when the sun goes down! Sunday was very long and hot too after having a power failure in the morning and off to a late start again. I feel so exhausted today which is pretty odd since all I did was sit around!

Some of the highlights (through MY eyes!) were:

  • Blake played a part with John Capper in a 400BC scene. The atmosphere was incredible. It was the first scene of the movie and therefore very impacting.
  • Baby ‘River Peel’ got passed around from person to person. I managed to hog her quite a lot (typical!). She had her first taste of solids. Guess what she has a liking for now??
  • Mark fell asleep on top of a ladder
  • Geoff preferred to have a nanny nap in a bed
  • We had the most huge pizzas in the world (2 of them fed the whole 16 people in the crew!)
  • Many people were threatened with a sharp knife
  • McDonalds got all flustered at the extra cappuccino sales throughout the weekend
  • Jenni’s make up studio was more exotic than anything she has had so far
  • The wardrobe and change rooms were a great improvement on the usual ‘trees’

pict007rrr.jpgMost of my fantastic pics can’t be shown until after the movie has been released (gives away secrets). Its a bit of a pity as I really love some of the photos.

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