The butler did it!

butler.jpgI have had 2 roles in the movie ‘Elindels secret‘.

1. Costume designer and creater

2. Wardrobe assistant

This has taken most/all of my free time this year (filming has been every weekend since early July, for months prior to that I was making costumes). It has taken its toll on the family, especially with studying a duel Diploma and working FT. You would think they were big enough to fend for themselves! THANK YOU FAMILY…. for being so patient with me! The great thing has been that we have been able to include them on many occasions. This has given us all a common interest and they have gained some insight into what film making is like.

Shannon: Took the team through a ‘fight training’ session

Sophie: Gave her valued opinion and helping hand with Costume design and filled in for me when I was in WA as wardrobe assistant (see further down on this blog).

Blake: has had many acting roles and also helped the crew as a production assistant.

Colin: Lots of emotional support and a lack of social life for the whole of 2007. He has also had an acting role!! He has been playing the part of the butler….. at times reluctantly but I think he secretly enjoyed it.

Yesterday we started filming at Healesville very early in the morning (got up at 5.30am). Then we went off to Lorraine and Tony Chandlers to film at the ‘estate’.

It was there that Colin spent about 6 hours doing his role as a butler. It will equate to about 10 seconds of footage. Welcome to our world Colin!!! He hates having makeup put on, waiting around and doing the re shoots. He said the glamour of going to the movies has gone now that he has seen what it takes to shoot a scene. As I said……welcome to our world Colin! He got a real kick out of it though and looked so handsome in his bow tie. I even managed to get white gloves on him for one scene he he he.

You can see more about this at these blogs: Maxfactormama , Elindils secret.


  1. Oh dear! How could I forget my own acting role!! After spending hours in the cold early one July/Winter morning, re-shooting the take, I didn’t feel too concerned about your death anymore!! All for 1 second in the background of a scene.


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