Shoot days 5&6 of ‘Elindils Secret’ the movie!


It is both exciting and exhausting to be involved in the filming of a movie. Getting up before the sun on the weekend can be a challenge.

Yesterday we filmed at Warburton and then at Kilsyth, today it was Warburton and Gembrook. I went out to dinner with friends last night and got home late. Then I had to get up at 5am for filming so am a pooped right now! You can read more about the shoot day on Heptas blog . or the Elindil’s Secret site. As you can see from the pic, a lot of filming was from the water and lots of people got cold toes!

It was a great day though and the Woods had starring roles (not!). Colin, yesterday, played a butler and Blake was in it both days. Today Blake got to go in a fight scene so he was pretty happy about that. He flew in the air and landed on his back over and over again……. as you do!

They both found the makeup a bit of a challenge. The pics are taken on my mobile phone so not too good as far as quality goes. G’night!! Zzzzzzz………….. oh, its only 7.30pm??

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