Great news flash!

Great news!


According to today’s ‘verdict’ appointment…

-The only lymph node with cancer cells in it was the sentinel node (which is the one they took for testing during surgery) so the others were all clear

-The cancer has been contained in the breast so hasn’t spread into the chest wall

-The cancer is all the ‘Triple negative’ type so the new tumour is the same as the old one

I’ve got an appt on the 30th of September to talk about whether I need more chemo and/or radiotherapy but overall the news is very positive and an answer to prayer!

I couldn’t have had a better answer than that. Woo hoo!


  1. Dear Jenny,

    I learnt about your journey through a work college that knows your son, I have been following it ever since, I am so in ore of your attitude, your spirit and the wonderful character that you are ! I find myself cheering you on and giving you back the woo hoo’s that you add to your page, I feel like I know you, yet I don’t! I feel like I have known you for many years but I have not!. I hear myself cheering as i read the latest news as I stood up at work and cheered woo hoo, some strange looks occurred but who cares, 🙂 I am pleased for the great news you have received today. I wish you well with many more happy moments. I look forward to your next blog. Take Care Jenny, stay strong (not that I have to tell you that) you are awesome.

    Pauline Kay

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    1. Thanks Pauline. It gives me great joy to know I have impacted people. I forget there are others out there who don’t know me and I’m so glad to have given you amusement and pleasure:) Thanks for your encouragement!


  2. Our prayers have been answered xoxox much love & continued prayers. Love Ruth xoxo (when your feelin up to it we will have cake together xoxox)

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