Bruges, Belgium

Today we arrived in Bruges which is quaint and full of chocolate, waffles and bicycles. I got an unexpected surprise when the waiter at a restaurant at lunchtime presented me with a giant beer in a test tube. Needless to say I didn’t drink it all.
We lugged our backpacks up 2 flights of stairs today so the muscles are getting a workout!
Today we climbed the bell tower which was 366 steps up a narrow winding stairwell. The view was spectacular and I’m hoping it burnt up a few calories too. There are whole streets full of chocolate shops and gorgeous waffles with chocolate topping. We also went to the chocolate museum and watched them make chocolate and then on a boat cruise down all the canals. We returned to our usual 4pm onwards fit of giggles and silliness to do the. One mundane tasks of washing and organising our bags for our departure tomorrow. A bird pooped on my cardigan today and since I only bought one with me and the weather is cool here I figured the extra splodge on my shoulder was the last straw.
Our first taste of rain has just arrived so i am trapped in a small room with Sophie having a chocolate high. Argghh!


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