Training for the ride for Cambodia

My third day of training for the sponsored ride for a Cambodian orphanage today was kind of humiliating. 6 months ago I hardly ever had a cyclist pass me… but having not ridden for so long I am tasting humility and it isn’t pleasant!

I was overtaken on 3 hills by the same group of people, who I then overtook on the flat and down hill part on my trusty orange rocket. Of course everytime I got to another hill they overtook me again because I rode upwards them like a slug. Oh well, 37k isn’t bad for an old chook who is out of shape and I averaged 22kph so I feel happy that I am improving.

By the way, if anyone knows how to stop my ‘Runkeeper’ app from flattening my iphone battery before I finish the ride let me know. I guess If was was FASTER the battery wouldn’t run down would it? I’m working on it.

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