Last days in Queenstown

Our last two days in Queenstown were spent wandering and relaxing (depending on who you ask)  after a pretty tiring day before and a long  journey to Christchurch planned for Friday.

We explored Queenstown shops and the gardens around the lake (which Dad insisted on walking but probably wished he hadn’t). Dad and Colin had the ‘best hot chocolate in the world’ and a pie for lunch, which could be described as their idea of paradise… but I know that Paradise is down the road. I went there the other day and it is true!

We found an observation place under the lake, where you could drop feed and watch the giant trout and NZ ducks diving to eat the feed. These particular ducks can stay underwater for 45 minutes! It was so fascinating we ended up putting $3 into the machine for feed.

Our drive to Wanaka was the usual visual overload of spectacular views mixed with dangerous curves (on the road).

A birds eye view of the mountains

It will be sad to leave Queenstown but we are looking forward to Christchurch and our big train journey on the Trans Alpine across to Greymouth and back on Saturday (then return home on Sunday night).

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